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Meet Ian & Maryanne Verrico

Maryanne Verrico

Welcome to Kingdom Property Education!

My name is Maryanne - also affectionately known as MJ. Ian and I started this business with the vision of being able to work from home and use our extensive experience in sales and marketing to start our very own business.

I owned my first property when I was a young 26 year old mum with two small children. I renovated a worn down three bedroom property in the Gold Coast hinterland and sold it a few years later after the breakdown of my first marriage. We made a $180,000 profit. Although hard work, well worth it. Since then I have always had an interest in Real Estate however, was always wary about getting back into it as I thought it involved too much effort, time and money to start a project especially as a single mum.

Ian is originally from the UK, he has spent most of his career in personal training. He owned his first property at the age of 20, and in just 18 months he was able to purchase his next property when interest rates were 17.5%. He decided to buy an investment property, rent it out and travel the world on the profit he had made. 14 years ago in his travels to Nepal Ian met with a lovely Australian couple, they invited him to visit so he did and instantly fell in love with Australia. After much thought Ian decided to go home, sell his property and make a home here. With the money he made from his investment property he bought into a franchise business within the fitness industry; things were looking promising. However life took a different turn, and Ian found himself in the most difficult and darkest moments of his life. He learnt some valuable lessons, both business and personal - always keep your hand in property and this is where the security lies and cherish the moments you have with your loved ones.

Fast forward to the future which is present, we are blessed to have found each other, we now have five children between us, we are filled with love and we couldn't be any happier. The integration of our family meant we had many things to think about - especially finances and job security. How were we going to have financial freedom working 9-5 and earning minimal hourly rate? How do we earn enough to save for a big family holiday? How are we ever going to save enough to buy our own property? Are we going to be able to leave our children a legacy? The list goes on and I'm sure for most everyday working class families - it's a never ending cycle of money in and money out each and every single week.

We came across this business and we were immediately interested because it involved real estate, it also meant we could use our energy and put in all the hard work into our own business. It gave us the opportunity to make great profit and to invest it into OUR financial security. Not only can we provide a future of financial freedom for our family but we will be able to leave our children with a legacy.

We are so excited, happy and proud to be a part of this business. The training, the team and the education we have received through doing these courses has given us the confidence to be able achieve all our real estate dreams.

If you would like to join us on this journey, if you dream of being a first time property owner, investor or developer - we have many courses that will make your dream a reality, arrange an appointment with us today.


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